Woke up (again) last night at around 2am to a high pitch barking(sounded like two or three of em')coming from out behind the house in the barnyard. I think we've got coyotes in the area since this happened a couple weeks ago and I found one of our barn cats dead the next day. I need info on what or how to draw em' in so I can pop the suckers. I don't want all of our rabbits and barn cats killed off by a bunch of dang 'yotes. I"ve got a .220 Swift and a Mossberg 500 12ga w/rifle sighted barrel(better to place a pattern of buck shot with then bead sight) and wonder which I'll use. The rifle gives me range but at night a pattern of 00 buck would help with close in hits. Anyway, Talk to me people. How can I nail these suckers.