Hey guys,

Spouse and I are interested in a youth rifle for our oldest grandson who is begging to go deerhunting.
We have a youth model 243 with the short stock, but he isn't quite 'big enough' to handle that just yet.
So spouse wants to offer his Remington 30/06 for trade on a 'less kicking' youth model rifle if anyone is interested.

Also, if you have any suggestions of what to look for in a youth rifle ie size, style, model, please comment.

This young boy is an excellent shot with a 22 full size and 410, but both have too long stocks for him to properly shoulder said guns. His father is leary of the boy shooting anything other than a BB gun. But aren't grandparents suppose to spoil those grand kids? Papa wants to take him hunting just as much as the boy wants to go. Any help appreciated!