Back in December, tnclayboy posted a pic of his upgraded ladder stand, and I got to thinking, "Hmmmmmmmmmm, I could probably do that." So I did. No trap door, though. ;\)
We have had this yard swing in the back yard for the last 4-5 years, and the thing was getting pretty rough looking. So I took the liberty the other day while my wifey was out and about to take the thing apart, use the frame to make a skirt for my ladder stand. I used the canopy off the swing for the skirt. It was already green to start with, and it had those weathered "splotches" that material will get after a few years of being outside. So an hour or so later, this is what I ended up with. Then my wife comes driving up and started right toward where the swingset USED to be, gave me that funny look, and I said, "Uh, what?". "Where is my swing?" So I said, "Well, dear, I guess you'll have to sit in the deer stand. It's in the back of the truck."
Now I gotta buy a new swingset, I guess. Oh well, .........

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