Subject says it all. What was the best turkey hunt you have had and what is the biggest turkey you have killed. Include stories of both the Biggest turkey and best hunt. For me:

Biggest Turkey: 12 inch beard, 1 3/4 inch spurs, 26 pounds.

Got up 1 hour and 30 minutes before sunrise and slowly started making my climb up the great mountain that I hunt in KY. I was sitting at the top well before daylight I got positioned and situated. The mighty Thunders of a mature bird filled the woods. Called alittle bit and I heard him fly down. 2 Minutes later he was 10 yards just over the crest of the mountain. I have my gun raised and just happen to see the tip of his fan. I point my gun just a little in front of the fan tail and wait. He poked his head up in a quick motion that caught me off guard. Then he started clucking many thoughts went through my mind then In one quick instant I stood up, gun in hand, and blasted him at 8 yards. You can guess what happened next right? I walk around 10 steps to the crest and see the turkey flopping down the opposite side of the mountain. I slowly make my way down the mountain. Long story short almost a 2 hour walk back to the truck.

Best Hunt: posted soon Fingers hurt to much. \:D