Just a heads up about these stands, if you haven't seen them.
I got one of these Pack-n-Stack backpackable ladder stands last week, and have used it all this week. It's a ladder stand that folds down to a lightweight backpack size and you carry it in and out on your back.
I'm a fan of these.
I've been using a climbing stand for years, but it's a pain to find just the right tree, then cut off the branches as I go up the tree.
The Pack-n-Stack ladder takes me about 5-7 minutes to set up, and I'm hunting in 10 minutes from time I find the right tree.
The only downsides to the Pack-n-Stack is that there's no where to hang your gun off of it, and the backpack straps that come with it are not wide enough to spread the load well enough. But I put some wider straps on it (seatbelt type), and those work very well.
If you hunt in thick scrub type brush, or public lands and want the portability of climbing stand, look at this Pack-n-Stack by Rivers Edge.
I paid about $72 for it. Most places have it for less than $100, but if you look around you can find it for a lot less.
Just trying to help some fellow TNdeer brothers out.

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