Hi Guy's my wife just bought me a brand new muzzleloader.
After I came too, I noticed she hooked me up big time.
Its an Elkhorn pro magnum with Bushnell Banner dusk and dawn 4x12x40 scope, new gun case, and all new toys to go with it.
My question is has anyone had this gun before and if so whats the best load for it.
Right now im shooting PB AT's 245 grain with 120 grains of loose
pyrodex RS powder. My groupings are 50 yds one hole, 100 yds 3 holes less than an inch apart, 150 yds 3 holes with 3in circle, and 200 yds 3 holes in 5in circle. Sorry it took two shots to zero it in. I spit swab after every shot too.
To me that sounds and looks great for the first bullets and powder combo. What ya'll think

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If i see it and its brown I'll shoot towards it

Dont hate me for deer hunting hate me cause Im gonna eat what I kill.