Starting a new thread cause don't wanna be called a highjacker.

I doubt Dance even remembers this, had to be close 35 years ago. He is at Center Hill fishing with Darwin Gard. They are using Strike King spinner baits, trying to catch largemouth. I am fishing with the late Harold Dotson. At that time, we both lived at Cove Hollow.

Back then, Velma had a pretty good little eaterie at the dock so we go in for breakfast. We have 18 nice smallmouth in the live well. Bill and Darwin are sitting at a table having breakfast and we all speak etc.

Finally, Darwin says, "Yall doing any good?" Keep in mind it is only about 9:00. Harold says, "Well we have two limits but we threw everything over three pounds back." I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on Bill's face. I don't think they had a fish.

I reminded Bill of that at an outdoor show one year...many years ago. He pretended not to remember.

Taylor-see if he remembers, now. \:\)

Bill's a nice guy. I got a lot of respect for him.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.