Put in this morning & it was an absolutely beautiful morning. Thin fog on the water. Was gonna take about a 15-20 minute ride & pre-fish an area for a tournament next week. Was fishing with a 19 yr old young man who I have fished with several times. I told him, "Let's go hit this spot real quick & see if u can catch ya a smallie." I had just dropped the trolling motor in the water when he hooks one up on his 2nd cast, about a 2 lb smallie. He is taking it off the hook when his cell phone rings & he is asked if he can come in for an interview for a job & can he be there in an hour. So back to the ramp we went, loaded boat & called it a day. Maybe next time. At least he got one of them brownfish! I slept all day & haven't heard if he got job or not. God Bless Ya'll & have a GREAT day!!!!

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