Hanging out on more hunting and trapping related web sites than I frankly have time for I can unequivocally say, (that is "honestly say" for you linguistically challenged) that this forum is the absolute best in getting great answers to questions. There is a tremendous talent pool among this group!!

I have a question, maybe several here so let me begin by saying my future Arabian horse pastures (it's okay, you boys with 'walkers" are welcome to chime in too) are now a standing corn field. When the corn comes down this fall, say late October, early November in Cumberland County I will have to decide to A) leave the standing corn stalks up or disk them down to prevent winter/rain erosion which has been a problem previous B) till the corn stalks under and get some cover planted that hopefully will get a root base (if possible given the cold weather) before the rains may get bad enough to send tons of topsoil down on my neighbor or C) some combination of the two. What would you do?

What mix of grasses would you suggest for the horse pastures? Would I be dollars ahead to just wait until spring to do the lime application and grass seeding? Thanks in advance for any and all constructive commentary here. It's greatly appreciated.