Well, I need advice on a situation that I was recently put in. I was in a fishing tournament with 2 other guys. The tournament was a 2 day tourney.

We were fishing the second day and one of the guys pulled out a fish from the live well that I knew that we had not caught that day. He had gone fishing after we weighed our fish the day before. He managed to keep the fish alive in a water box at his house and brought it in the boat the next day to weigh in. This was a horrible situation to be in. I know these guys fairly well and they are friends of my wife.

We ended up placing 3rd in the tournament and it payed out about 4,000 in cash and prizes. I defered any payment and would not accept any prizes because I knew it was wrong. I felt so horrible standing up there knowing that we weren't winners at all. They made me swear that I would not tell their wives or anyone else.

I am tempted to contact the guy who administrates the tournament to tell him about ehat they did because I can't sleep since the tournament because I feel like by not coming forward, I was just as much of a liar as they were. The guys wives are good friends with my wife and I don't want to cause a stir but they even admitted that they have done this before.

"So Others May Live"