New job and haven't really had much fishing time this year. Took off about 4:45 this evening and took the boat out. First time it's got wet since the 6/6 real estate tourney.

I actually put together a 20+ lb limit tonight. Haven't been able to do that in a couple of years. '07 was a decent year, '08 was my worst fishing year ever I believe.

According to my Bass Pro scales the smallest LM was a touch over 3.5 lbs. Largest was 5.25.

I can't believe how they were hitting tonight and all but one caught on a crankbait. I've always had crankbaits but never caught a LM on one til this year. In my last three outings I've caught 9 good quality keepers with a crank and a few more that didn't quite measure. Small ducks were getting tapped while they were swimming, bait fish jumping everywhere.

I really needed a good fish outing without getting skunked.
My best friend and fishin' buddy is 10 years old!