Ever have one of those days where everything seemed to go right?

Today it tried to make up for it.

1) Cooler lid blew off and out of boat on I40. Good news is my lunch stayed inside.

2) Got to Caney to try out loading my 1548 duckhunting jon boat. Mis-judged when generator water rise would happen. Had truck up to rear wheels and boat was still 12" bove the water surface. Eventually managed to slide it off. I didn't want to disturb the guys fishng at the landing (H Hollow) so I drgged it upstream a few dozen yards and eventually found wter deep enough to lower the motor and start it. Unfortunately the current dragged it downstream to the shallows again, so I got a few nicks in the prop.

3) Heading upstream, I hit something in the water and the motor started vibrating badly and kept reving up. I thought perhaps I sheared a pin, but it still ran OK at 1/4 throttle to move upstream, so I forged ahead.

4) Finally beached the boat and fished from shore. Actually caught a decent brown on a streamer.

Decided to go back to the launch area and get the boat on the trailer while the water was still up. That went OK. Was going to park and then go back to fish from shore, but the way things were going I thought I might have something stolen from the boat. So I went home.

5) Partway home I decided to stop at Flippers and put th eboat on Old Hickory and see if it would run OK on the lake. Good news: ran like a top! Since I was there, I tried to pick up some bluegills with my flyrod. I fished for 45 minutes without a bite, then on one cast I heard a loud snap and my flyrod shattered right behind the middle joint. Wouldn't you know it that just then a fish finally decided to bite! I pulled it in hand-over hand.

6) Got home, put the trolling battery on the charger, and it gave a couple loud beeps and a warning message saying that the battery had a bad cell and wouldn't charge.

Still better than a day at work.
It's not rocket surgery, for crying outside!