Well started off at Hooters, Good Food, Scenery was nice, got to Tims shot patrick henry, water temps was 77-78 and temp was 65-68 in the middle of the day, Ya not ideal for bowfishing but we made the best of it Tim shot some I stuck 3 and they got off like literally stuck em blood and scales came off but so did the fish?? Loaded the boat went to Beech Creek and started at 930pm water temp 77 and fading to 75 then to 74 when we loaded the boat temp outside was 55-58 I had jeans a Hoodie and Flops on not ideal for being on the water, but we made the best out of it even though we wasnt seeing numbers like he usually does, and Tim shot a couple and I shot some stuff....a beer can for one jus to liven the party!

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<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!