Well not sure if she meant ALL turkey hunters, but I think her exact words to me the last weekend of the season were, "Well, if you go you are STUPID."

That is my wife I am speaking of.

The last weekend of the season brought with it severe thunderstorms, high winds, lots of rain and lightning.

This weather pattern covered all of West and most of Middle TN.
So at 9:00 on Friday night I headed towards middle TN for a last ditch effort, one day hunt.
Turned out to be one of the best hunts of the year for me but what turned me onto the birds most of the morning was lightning and the subsequent thunder.

How many of you are out there in weather that you KNOW you shouldn't be and use thunder to locate birds?

It also brings back a memory of a hunt I had with CBU this year when the tornado sirens started going off and I stopped suddendly and said, "hold on".

My son and CBU's boy both about freaked out and said at the same time, "What is it, a tornado?" to which CBU and myself answered in perfect time, "No, listening for birds."


I know we ain't alone.
Youth is wasted on the young.