We've got 2200 hundred acres on the Wayne & Hardin county line, that is covered up in turkeys. Had this land for 6 years now (all QDM) primarily for deer hunting and only have 6 members. There are 25 food plots and big hardwood hollows mixed with cutover & planted pines. This property is landlocked over 1 mile on three sides from any public roads and is all under 3 locked gates.Campground onsite as well with large gravel parking lot.

None of us are real dedicated turkey hunters, but still manage to kill a few each spring, mostly by setting up on food plots! I think that there were 4 killed this year, and all had at least 10" beards. It is very common to hear 9-10 different birds sound off each morning, no matter which part of camp that you are hunting.

Now to the question:
We have discussed taking on 3-4 additional members for just the turkey season, and was wondering the feasibility of this? Do you think that there would be any interest? Probably going to be $500.00 for turkey hunting only membership, as our regular one is $2K/yr.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail.