OK, there's more to this report... but I have got to start with the good part! I have bested the previous, official "Biggest Fish Ever Caught With Scenic City Fishing Charters" by a WIDE margin! A Scenic City Fishing PB fish! emoApplause (FYI, 61 lbs. was the previous big fish by a client).

Ted Boozer and his friends, Jerry and Gary came down from Franklin, Tenn. to fish with me today. Jerry tagged an absolute beast.....
75 LBS.. ... 52 inches long with a 33 inch girth. And please pay attention here... the awesome catch was made on 10 lb. test line with standard spinning tackle. \:o

This was definitely a "3-Man Fish," although the guy smiling the biggest is the one who caught it.

A few weeks ago I had a young man catch a 50-pounder and I said it was one of the most amazing fish fights I'd ever witnessed. Today beat it... by 25 lbs. Jerry clearly is a man who's caught a few big fish before (although none this big). But he gave line when the fish demanded it, took line back when he could, and applied just enough pressure to wear the beast down without his 10# test line "parting ways" I have no idea how long the fight lasted. We actually got a good look at the fish early on and I was simply too tore up to think. emoGoofy It was a trick gettin' "The Grabbers" on his jaw, but when the beast hit the bottom of the boat there were cheers all around.

I called a friend at the Tennessee Aquarium to see if they needed another big cat. They actually would have liked to have him, unfortunately no staff today available to pick him up. Jerry was proud to watch the beast swim away nonetheless.

Now for the main report.... we actually did my first-ever Tag Team Trip. So we wouldn't be quite so crowded, Ted brought his own boat. It didn't take much "coaching." He and Gary "first fished" us about 1 minute into the trip. From there on out they were smokin'. They actually gave Jerry a little grief... until Jerry "big fished" 'em... they quieted down after that.

A beautiful start to the day!

It was an awesome day... the bite was actually a bit slower than Saturday, but we made up for it in quality.

Gary does battle with a "biggun'."


Ted, Jerry and Gary took home two big coolers of "eaters" for the freezer. All the big fish went free.

We assaulted the gar again today. Ted even had his bow.

Gary does battle with a "biggun'."

The gar bite was a little slower today but we managed a picture fish or two...

It was fun watching Ted and Gary figure out how to "unhook" a gar from a nylon gar lure. Made by Garman Jack if you're curious.

Ted even zapped one with his bow.

You've got to be quick on the draw to hit a surfacing gar... although I think Gary actually drew this one to the top with a lure before Ted stuck him!

These guys have spent a lot of time on the water and in the woods. It showed today... which means of course, life is good and gettin' better every day!
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