I ordered a Keel Guard from Bass Pro about 4 months ago. It has been lying around in the basement every since it arrived. I decided today I would install it. I watched the step by step installation DVD and it seemed easy. The DVD said it would take about 45 minutes to one hour to install. (yeah right)

I got everything set up. Measured the Keel Guard length and then width. Made a template out of flexible cardboard that was 5 inches wide and about 8 inches long and folded it in the middle. (Same width as Keel Guard). I used this template to mark my lines with a dry erase makers so I could tape out the outline for the sanding work. Worked great, taped up the lines and made my out line.

I sanded the area inside the taped area with the 3M pad that was enclosed in the Keel Guard kit. I sanded on that thing for at least an hour to get it where I thought it was right. Then I had to run into Home Depot and buy some Acetone to clean the surface with after sanding. It took probably another 15 minutes of wiping to get the area ready for the 3rd step.

The installation kit included a Primer that had to be applied to the prepared surface. This took another 5 minutes of laying under the boat. The tube contained just enough primer to do the job and not one drop more. It was at this point that I realized that if you raise your knee up while laying under a boat you will hit the trailer rail and it will hurt and you will want to curse. (which I did profusely). I crawled out from under the boat trailer and limped in the house.

After a few minutes of recovery and bribing I was able to coax my son out of the AC long enough to come help me line it up and install the Keel Guard. It was a son of gun to get lined up. Once I got it straight it was easy to put it on. (At least 30 minutes on this part.)

I now have the satisfaction of installing my own Keel Guard. I also have the shoulder pain, neck ache, heart burn and bruised knee to go along with it. I just took two Aleve.
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