Happy Father's Day... it sure was Dwayne Bailey. His son Clint bought him a fishing trip. (Clint is TNDeer member, "cletus" something)

Today was a wonderful turnaround from a tough day yesterday. The cat's must have known it was Father's Day because we smoked 'em!

We fished my standard tailwater drift with a perfect generation schedule until Noon. We probably made the first drift a bit before 6:30 am... and from that time until Noon, there were very few drifts that we didn't stick one or two fish. Most were two to eight pounds, but we tagged a few in the teens... and mid-morning Dwayne and Clint each tagged 20-pounders on back-to-back drifts. They were astounded... said they'd never seen catfish like that. And on spinning tackle it was two fun fights!

The Baileys were keepin' fish today, but we topped their cooler off about 9:30 (NOT counting the 20-pounders and another in the teens that were released). After that it was all catch and release.

It was a good thing we had optimum generation until Noon however, because after that we struggled. Clint missed one big fish bite on a big bluegill head, and we caught a few more dinks... but all the fun was to be had before Noon.

I think today was a Father's Day present that Dwayne will remember for years to come, and that makes me proud. Which means life is good and gettin' better every day!
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