I posted in the general forum the other day about me fixing my leaky aluminum boat. For years, it's leaked and finally I've about got 'er licked.

24 rivets and I think 20 of them had a slow leak. I got all of them drilled out and replaced the rivet with a SS bolt from the bottom - flat washer and lock washer on top with some marine silicone. 23 out of the 24 do not leak! Done.

But I have this one that was leaking bad when I filled the boat up with water. I took the bolt back out and noticed a hairline crack that runs from the hole that I drilled. It's only about 1/2" long, but big enough that I probably don't want to drill another hole that big.

So, I need some advice from someone who's been there - done that. I can think of no other way to fix it except to use a bigger washer... but even then ,i'm not sure if that'll work. Suggestions?