Put in at Harrison Bay at 6:15 this morning. Went to a place I did some good back in mid-April. Caught a few small largemouth. Caught a few along some trees as I was working my way to a block wall, when I got there the bass must have been chasing shad along that wall. Man, I busted em. Caught around 20, wasn't countin cause the action was too fast. Biggest was guessed at 4 to 4 1/2 lbs. Out of about 20-25 fish about half of em were keepers. I caught every fish on Bill Dance Poppin Image, I believe is what it is called. Caught my last fish at 9:20, fished till 1:00 pm & never had another strike. That was the most fun I've had at fishing since I was kid & would catch 1-2 lb bass & bream on a fly rod with a popping bug. God Bless Ya'll & have a GREAT day!!!! \:\)