It was a "Grabblin' Party" on Watts Bar Sundays afternoon. My daughter rounded up two boat loads of her friends who had always marveled at her "Girls Gone Grabblin'" exploits, and off we all went with Marty & Fostana Jenkins. The boys (or young men) had a blast. Marty's video is going to be a hoot... even the parts he's going to have to "Bleep!"

Bottomline... the guys wrestled with 7 or 8 blues and flatheads. A couple made good their escape before posing for a picture however.

Below is one awesome sequence however of the big fish of the day. They got a 44-pound flathead to the surface that went absolutely bonkers. As official photographer, I was right on top of them with the motor drive hammerin' away. A pretty cool sequence of all of 'em divin' in and surrounding the beast, and amazingly they prevented his escape... at least until they wanted him to escape. It plays in a 24-frame loop... plus a few more misc. pics and escape sequences below.

Life is good and gettin' better every day!

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