I am really ticked off right now. The entire ordeal with Cleveland Boat Center came to a head today when they charged me $223.90 and didn't fix anything wrong with my boat

A little history behind this and it will make more sense.

My boat has a 175 Evinrude FICHT on it. Ity had started to run rough and was loosing top end speed. I took my boat to Cleveland Boat Center on May 20th for service work.
I wanted the motor checked out, the kill switch fixed, and the gas gauge repaired. I left it and went on with my life. Missed some tournaments I wanted to fish but that’s life.

I waited until May 28th and called to check on the status. I was told “it had not crossed her desk yet”. Call back next week.

I called back on June 2, and was told it was ready for pick-up. The total sounded familiar but I didn’t think anything about it. A few minutes later my wife called and said that Cleveland Boat Center just called and my boat was not ready. The ticket they were looking at was from July 2008 (that had already been paid). It was for a boat I had for over 20 years and sold to Tophat in the fall. (I had new steering cables put on it and had the engine tuned up). They had not worked on my boat newer boat because they thought they already had it completed. No harm no foul, just get it fixed.

I get called the next day and I am told my 175 motor is blown. A spark plug insulator porcelain had blown off and was down in the motor.

I am then told my kill switch is fine it must be “operator malfunction”. I don’t know about any of you, but I am of the opinion that if a kill switch is detached and the motor still runs it is a defective kill switch. Not according to them, I am just not educated enough to use a kill switch.

The gas gauge didn’t work when I took it and guess what? It still doesn’t work when I picked it up.

I learned an expensive $223.90 lesson. Don’t use Cleveland Boat Center.

(You will love how the comments they entered on JOB #2 and #3)

1999 Stratos 285 Pro Elite
1999 Evinrude FICHT 175

Job #1

Kill Switch is broken needs a new one.


Nothing wrong with Switch

Charge: $000

Job #2

Problem: Motor is chattering and is loosing top end speed. Runs rough may need spark plugs or something else. Gets worse each time it is used.


Checked Comp it was not good. 125, 115, 104 Port 105, 120, 85 Starboard. Plug had porcelain off and electrode was bent like something had hit it. . Put new plugs in and ran motor. It sounded ok for a FICHT, Customer needs to run and when it blows it blows.

Charge: $147.00

Job #3

Fuel Gauge does not work


Checked gas gauge Pulled plate checked sender and it was good. Gauge in dash is bad don’t have one like it.

Charge $47.50

TAX and shop supplies added the Total was $223.90. They didn't fix anything that was wrong with it.
I make good money, I help the Family, but one thing must be understood, I would never go against the Godfather. Ruger is a man I respect. Luca Brasi