Sunday I was out on Old Hickory in my kayak, caught a few smallish bass, when I noticed a fish floating on the surface, naturally I paddled over to investigate.

It was a large crappie, looking bloated but fresh. It’s mouth was wide open and his gills extended. It looked fresh so I scooped it up. It had a 4.5 inch sunfish stuck sideways in it’s mouth. Both the sunfish and the crappie were still alive, but barely strong enough to wiggle their fins. I surmise that the sunfish blocked the water flowing over the crappie’s gills, so he suffocated. The sunfish’s mouth was stuck in the crappies face, so it also couldn’t get oxygen.

I’ve eaten road kill venison before, so now I can add Lake Kill Crappie to my list of accomplishments.

It's not rocket surgery, for crying outside!