After posting the picture of the trophy trout I caught the other day, a buddy (barry) called and asked me to help him get in on this action. He's mainly a tailwater fisherman, so I had to explain to him that he needed to throw everything he learned fishing tailwaters out the window and start from scratch. In the mountains, we fish upstream, not down. We use dry flies not nymphs and soft hackles. And we've never even considered spoonplugging, not even going to go there.

I took Barry to one of my favorite not-so-roadside streams. We got on the stream about 4:00, he's left handed and I'm right, so I crossed the stream and we were able to fish up the stream at the same time.I managed to hook a few rainbows while Barry struggled to catch any. I think he did manage to long distance release a few, though. The stream we were fishing rises in elevation quickly, so you fish a pool, climb a boulder the size of a car, then fish the next pool. Way more work than should have been necessary to catch a few fish. At about 5:30 or so, I suggested we move to another stream and give it a shot.
Picture of first stream

After a 45 minute drive, we arrived at the next stream. With this being roadside, a couple and their kids were swimming in the first hole, so we waded up-stream, to get away from the vacationers. After fishing for 15 minutes and getting no rises, I noticed a set of wet footprints on the rocks. Since we were parked along the road, we hopped in the car and ran upstream to the next pool-off. I tied on what proved to be game winning fly (thanks for the suggestions scn). It's a size 16 standard dry fly hook, 2 yellow goose biots for a tail, bleached elk hair wing, and a thin cut strip of 1/8" foam wrapped for a body. The thing floated like a cork!

Over the next hour, I caught roughly 15-20 rainbows, and missed many others. I actually missed way more than I caught. Right at 8:30 there were a ton of bugs hatching, yellow sallies, sulphurs, and hendericksons (I think). Trout were rising eagerly all around. A great day in all.

Have a good day.


Edit; I forgot to mention what the workout was. I woke-up this morning feeling like I was worked over with a baseball bat. Climbing them boulders wore me out. My shoulders and thighs are as sore as can be. Not to mention all the bruises on my shins. Getting old sucks. But, I'll probably go back and fish the first stream next weekend by myself. It's still one of my favorites. ;\)

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