Here we are just now the turkeys are getting fired up. A few people i've talked to said that last weekend was HOT, birds gobbling everywhere! One said he grabbed his call and called 5 of them up. He hunted this place all during seaon only to kill one and only have heard maybe 3 birds gobble all season.

This makes me think the seasons are screwed up, this is why everyone think they ain't no birds when the birds are still with the hens come the last week of season.

The birds are gobbling later and later cause of more hens to breed.

I heard a bird gobble two nights ago from my front porch gobbled about 5 times good. First one i've heard all year.

Makes me wonder..... I think keep the bag limits the same just push the season up two weeks. Better than that, split the state, like the deer season "WAS", give us units.

I still think east TN runs later than west and middle TN. The mountain gobblers don't get hot until the last week. The last weekend of season I chased a bird for 6 hours to have a hen take him away from me.

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