Lets compare apples to apples. Fentress County TN with Wayne County KY. Since Fentress County's turkey harvest is plummetting then shouldnt nearby Wayne County's harvest also be plummetting if the limits of 4 in TN and 2 in KY really dont matter? Its all in the hatch they say. Lets look at some numbers.

This is in male turkeys per square mile. Jakes and LB's both included.

Fentress TN- 2007 2008 2009
0.41 psqmi 0.37 psqmi 0.36 psqmi

Wayne KY- 2007 2008 2009
0.57 psqmi 0.70 psqmi 0.80 psqmi

As you can see, Wayne County KY is harvesting over twice as many turkeys now per square mile than nearby Fentress County TN. Its not the killage per square mile that concerns me though, look at the trend. While Fentress's numbers are in a sharp downward fall, Wayne County KY's numbers are doing nothing but rising sharply. You will also see this same trend if you use nearby McCreary County KY in place of Wayne. So is it all in the hatch or maybe just maybe, that 2 bird limit and short season is doing great things for these hunters while our 4 bird limit and long season is doing nothing but harm here.
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