I have heard many good discussions about what to do for low number of turkeys. One point was to out law killing jakes. I dont like this idea. There are many reasons behind why I think like this. One of the main reasons for this , is the fact that I killed a jake on accident this season. This bird was gobbling its head off. It did not sound jakey by no means. It was blowing my hat off. When he finally came in all I could see was a big red head. He kept peeking over a small bank looking at me, finally he peeked too much and I blasted him. I was excited and ran to get my foot on him only to discover he was a jake. I was disappointed to say the least. My point is its just about impossible to identify a jake in alot of hunting situations. Plus if you research the management of turkeys, it does not matter which male you shoot. It does not help your numbers.

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