Today was a trip I look forward to every year... Sam Simons, an elementary school teacher, rewards his best students every year with a fishing trip, and he's kind enough to let me go along.

I'm not going to write the girls names because I know I won't spell 'em correctly.

I was a little worried today, knowing they were going to open some spill gates on Chickamauga Dam (which they did a little after 8 am). Not for "danger" reasons... I NEVER go anywhere near the face of the dam with spill gates open. I was just worried about what the extra water might do to a few fish I had located.

It didn't bother them. We started on catfish and the first hour or so the bite was HOT! Each girl got plenty of opportunities to do battle with some healthy blues and one or two channels. We counted and they put 15 quality cats in the boat in a hurry. Then the cat bite slowed and we switched to bluegill. That was pretty much non-stop action with a great number of monster bluegill. Multiple doubles and triples... it was so busy we never stopped long enough to snap a picture of the bull bream. But I'm well-stocked with some fresh cat bait for tomorrow.

Sam is a very special teacher. For those who aren't familiar with what he does, CLICK HERE to download and read an article I wrote about him last year (Word File).

Yet another reason that life is good and gettin' better every day!

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