Got no replies on the General Forum, so I thought I'd ask here...

So I bought an AMS Bowfishing combo deal with a reel, an arrow rest, and two arrows. I put them on my old PSE compound last night. I'm going to take off the string silencers, the string loop, and the peep sight.


Do I keep the kisser button on the string? Will this be my anchor point, or is there no anchor point when shooting instinctively?

Do I need my stabilizer? Or is that just excess weight I won't need for instinctive shooting?

Do I dial down the bow poundage? What weight should I be drawing if I'm normally at about 60 pounds?

Where do I get a big carp bucket for my boat deck? The only ones I have are to skinny (will fall over) or have wheels like a rolling trash can.

Somebody said something about a golf glove. Is that what I use to pull back and release the string? Two finger release?

Thanks so much.
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