with my one and only bird for the spring season this past Sunday morning.... I have had 2 misses, passed on a few jakes, & a couple of close calls.

It was about 19-20 lbs, 9.5" beard & 7/8" spurs.....

You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get that dang bird!!

He was tore up from daylight, had 6-7 jakes with him, 3 hens (one of which was a bearded hen), matter of fact it was the same bearded hen & tom I was onto Thursday but was on private property and wouldn't work with me to get onto the property I had permission to hunt. I watched those birds from daylight until 9:00 when I shot. He gobbled if that bearded hen got too far away, he gobbled at crows cawing, he gobbled at the cows bauling, and he gobbled when some geese flew over!!! His gobbling was his down fall, as it helped me get around and keep a general location on him. I circled around (through a swamp about shin deep, briars, cottonmouths.... He crossed under a fence where I wasn't expecting and went into a very small field that had a trail running beside it. I had to back track some, I bumped his hen and she putted but with some yelps and excited cuts she settled back down and he went back to gobbling. He had one jake with him then when the trail and field came into a "Y" I snuck in behind him since he was out walking me. I was sneaking behind him and that jake.... the jake was getting very nervous and was about to take the tom with him. I was down to the last morning, my feet were soaking wet, I was hot and sweaty from sneaking and by dang I wasn't going home empty handed unless I shot and missed because of range again. Well I got on him waiting for him to cross out of some thick stuff into an opening and when he did.... me squatting waiting for a shot.... fired and he went down, I layed the gun down and sprinted toward him.... I felt something running down my face and my brow & nose was bleeding. I guess squatted, I wasn't braced well enough for the shot and the scope kicked back and popped me above my right eye.... but I toted him out.... dang near passing out from exhaustion and lack of oxygen.... but I got rid of my "0"... Thanks to you fellows (TnTrapper & DBLAARCHERY) for trying to get me connected this spring with two GREAT birds....I just didn't have my "A" game going and it cost me twice.... Good times & great new friends.... heres to you guys^^^^

P.S. Spit, where was my "Got a text vol. ?" posted on Tndeer for Sunday.... \:D
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