I made a trip to Guntersville today. I caught some where around 30 to 35 largemouth with 3 being in the 4 to 4.5 pound range. I was sitting on a little ditch where a creek runs out to the main river channel. I had already caught appox. 10 off this spot when a boat comes in on the spot I was sitting. It was a pro that had fished this past weekend down there. He said the spot I was fishing had been loaded up with good fish all last week. I looked at his web page, he finished 28th. They weren't pulling much water today so it was a little slow he said. After he left another pro came up in there to fish the hole but I wouldn't move off of it. I caught one about 4 lbs. while he fished around me. There were several pros still down there fishing today. I seen one that had about 5 boats following him around didn't get to see who he was. Nice day to be on the water.

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