Total harvest: 29,990
Mature Birds: 23,841
Jakes: 5,844 or 20% of the total harvest.

2008Total Harvest: 28,954
Mature Birds: 25,130
Jakes: 3,445 or 12% of harvest.

Up this year by 1100 birds, and the increase is the direct result of a doubling of the jake harvest. Mature bird harvest dropped by 1,289 birds and jake harvest increased by 2,399 birds. So in essence harvest really did not increase, and future seasons could be impacted by the massive % of jakes killed statewide.

KY Harvest

28,745 birds

27,073 birds

Up this year in KY by 1,672 birds.

We only killed 1,200 more birds then KY with a much longer season, and a 4 bird limit. Hmmm, wonder why? IMO there are less birds here to kill for our hunters because of the excessively high limits. I still stand by that the 4 bird limit along with the large fall limits has taken a major toll on the population of gobblers statewide. There is nothing else to blame at this point, ever since the new fangled regs were implemented our harvest has dropped considerably, and if it weren't for a massive jake explosion last year the harvest would have been down again this year. Naturally with 20% of the harvest being juvenille birds, the years to come could be negatively impacted.
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