Well I had a good run but I was done chasing turkeys after last weekend, I bowfished yesterday and even though I didnt kill any it still felt good getting out and doing something different!!!

As far as the season went, Worked an above average amount of burds, called in 8 total burds this season and only one with a broke noggin to show for it, several jakes and a nice strutter for lil spit that well yall know what happen but he got back at em when he took his 1st burd this year!!

I have chased em for 9 yrs, ya since I was a pup and seen alot of things and learned alot of things and never expect not to learn a new lesson in the woods!

Congrats to those who killed and Congrats to those who captured nothing more than a memory!!

Happy Hunting
Woodpile Forever
Brandon \:D
<(((< Bowfish or NO FISH!