My son tagged his fourth long beard this morning, 22lbs, 10.5, 1 1/16 spurs.

I called this bird in Wednesday and had him at 80 yards spinning like a top for about 15 minutes and then he just folded up and walked away. Frustrating. This morning I put my son where the bird was strutting and I set up once again in the same spot I called from Wednesday. They gobbled good on the roost but sounded distant so I didn't call til they hit the ground and were moving in our direction which is there normal pattern. Second time he gobbled on the ground he was within 150 yards or so and I called. Next time 100, next time he had veered down the hill some so I got extra sweet with him. Next gobble was back on top and I could see a tailfan. I could see the whole turkey strutting and gobbling, in range for Michael to shoot but the lay of the land he couldn't see him. I was about to die waiting on him to shoot. Finally I gave him one more call and he strutted and moved enough that Michael could see him and the rest is history.
I jumped up and headed his way and we were hollering in jubilation, high fiving and hugging. Then as we were going to see his bird another turkey took off and it too was a longbeard that was with him that we hadn't seen. I could not have called it down to where I was but had I not had my gun shouldered I had a decent quick shot. Oh well, he'll be a better bird next year.