finally got one. it wasnt the one i wanted to shoot kinda felt bad about it but its all good. me and my buddy decided to go chase em this afternoon and on the way back to the truck i spotted a bird comin down the opposite side of the fence towards us. we got down and it ended up being 4 birds 1 longerbeard a hen and 2 jakes. was going to try and double up but they spotted us and took off. i shot a jake that i thought was the longbeard and its a real shame in my eyes cause this bird would of been a dandy next year. its been a perty good season for me got two first timers their first birds and ive had several longbeards within 40 yds just didnt come together for some reason or another. ive noticed a funny color on the tips of the beards on all the birds taken off the farm i hunt this year. whats up with that?
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