Ok, my skill as a turkey hunter is well documented (I suck at it) and for years it appeared I would never kill one.
However, through very strict training sessions with CBU and stretch and a few more people I have actually gotten to where I can kill one. If, I can find one of the dumb ones.

Anyway, I have had a GREAT turkey season. Haven't hunted in a couple weeks now though.
Sunday is Mother's day so hunting on that day is not an option. I wouldn't even entertain the thought of it.
As it stands my season was already over because man has a game scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

As it turns out, that game is rained out so that frees up Saturday. On top of that, he has a block party tonight so he isn't going to get up and hunt.

My wife says I have hunted plenty and there is no need in me going.
I disagree.

If I do go, it will require a bit of travel time (2 hours) so I will actually either spend tonight away from home or I will leave here no later than 3:00 a.m. tomorrow.

I spent approximately 9 nights away from home during the month of April turkey hunting and fishing.

To top it all off, man will be gone till 11 tonight so that means her and I will have some free time (alone) till man gets back home, thus further thickening the mix.

I say I stick around here till 9 or so then hit the road to arrive in time to actually sleep before hitting the possibly stormy woods in the morning.

It appears no matter what I do (unless I stay home and don't hunt at all) I am gonna spend at least SOME time in the dog house.

Should I hunt ? \:D
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