Well I have not been able to hunt much this year due to the fact I teach school and coach baseball. On top of that I have had to put in the husband thing on the weekends because my wife took a job in Asheville, NC so I have had to sacrifice hunting time to meet her halfway somewhere. I would not have it any other way though. After baseball practice I just had the itch to go hunt. I knew that it was hot and late in the season, but something told me to just get out in the woods. I walked to a spot that I knew held turkeys and I slipped in like a puff of smoke and set up and see a lone turkey feeding about 200 yards from where I was. I yelped and he stuck his head straight up in the air and craned his neck for about 10 minutes looking for me. I then cut and he hammered. He then blows up like a balloon. He would walk 20 or so yards stop, fan out, and gobble. He did that all the way across the field. When he got to 45 yards, the Remington Supermag and Primos Tightwad Choke/Winchester Xtended #5's did the trick. I got out there at 5:20PM and he was stone dead at 6:05. 23.5 lbs, 10" beard, and 1.25" spurs. All I can say is what a hunt.

Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm~ Kenny Powers