Almost got to our spot this morning and had a tree across the road from the storms overnight. Had to turn around and head around to the back side to come in. It was already daylight when we got in and got to the top of the ridge. I bumped a gobbler off the roost and set up quick. As soon as i sat down, i heard a gobbler on the other side of the field where my uncle was set up. Not 5 minutes later i heard a shot and knew he was done. Started calling and had a hen come in and check out the dekes. Kept hearing turkeys down across the road gobbling their heads off so i picked up and took off. Met Pappaw at the truck and told him where i heard them and one gobbled right up from us. He couldnt make it so i took off and headed up the road. Stopped at the closest field and let out a few yelps and he hammered just on the other side. Slipped into the woods and out he came before i could set up. Leaned up on a tree and let him have it. 22 1/2 lbs. 11 1/4" beard. 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" spurs. My uncles was 19 lbs, 9 1/2" beard and 7/8" spurs. Wish Pappaw could have got him one but a 79 yr old man just cant get around like he used to. Was tickled he was with us though when i got my biggest bird yet!