Had a blast even though we didnt kill one. Me and a buddy of mine went on his land this morning. We got in the woods and just listened to see where the birds were. Well they were all around sounded like. We got as close as we could to one that was gobbling his head off on the roost and set up. About 15 minutes later we heard a jake trying to gobble and a hen clucking her way up the ridge. The hen came right up to the decoy and putted at her and flew off. After a few minutes everything went dead nothing was making any noise and then I got cut off by a gobble at no more than 60-70 yds up the ridge. I dont know what happened but I know he couldnt see us but he could see our decoy and he got scared and we seen him fly off down toward the fields. Needless to say next time we wont be using decoys on them. Then when leaving we seen 4 gobblers together running down the road. This was by far the most exciting hunt of the year without connecting on one. Altogether seen 5 gobblers, 2 hens and a jake. Gonna give them another try this weekend if we can.