Top 10 Tips for the Non-Boater

* Arrive late.
* Bring more tackle than the boater, he may need to borrow something.
* Start the day fishing off the back and getting hung up several times.This relieves pressure on the boater and lets him know it's OK to make mistakes.
* Pee off the back of the boat in the marina. If no marina is available, main lake points will do.
* Always smack weeds off your bait. This attracts fish. The louder, the better!
* Pack a superior lunch.
* Request frequent bathroom trips, especially when the fish are biting.
* Spit inside the boat.
* Question why you are fishing a certain spot, then add where your friends fish.
* Ask to drive.

Top 10 Time Saving Tips for the Boater

* Let ETNW drive your boat.
* Cut inside buoys on main lake points. These are usually placed way beyond any potential danger.
* So that all is ready to go on arrival, have partner ride in the boat while trailering to the lake.
* Leave the trolling motor down while running down the lake.
* Leave truck and trailer on the ramp for speedy boat removal at the end of the day.
* Troll for deep bass on the take-off run.
* Use a stringer instead of the livewell. This saves time flipping livewell switches.
* Leave the big motor running while fishing promising areas.
* Always wear rain gear and sunscreen.
* Wear DependsŪ undergarments to eliminate time consuming bathroom trips.

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