Got back in yesterday, but I was just too tired to get online and post. What a weekend. Bad weather and all, we still caught around 35-50 fish a day. Friday, we got on some good keeper fish out on the edges of ditches with a Carolina rigged Rage Tail lizard and a big Bagley's B-3 wide wobbling, shallow running crankbait. We would fish the grass flats out off of the ditch, and then move to the edge of the ditch where it starts to drop from 3-4 ft down to 9-10 ft. The fish were stacked up right on that first break leading down into the ditch. I stormed on us off and on all day Friday and Friday night. Water had stained up pretty good in the backs of the creeks, so we had to find clearer water. Saturday, after all of the storms, it shut the bigger bite down. All we could catch was 13-14 inch fish. Out of the dozens of fish we caught, only 3 met the 15 inch minimum and so we weighed in 3 fish at 7 lbs. First place on Day 1 was a 5 fish limit at 13.70 lbs. We were 6th out of 12 boats after Day 1 with 7 lbs. After weigh-in on Saturday, we were sitting in our room and you could watch the water rise. Sunday morning, the water was starting to creep onto the edge parking lot. It had risen 4-5 feet! Day 2 we weren't sure what to do. We knew with the rising water, the fish would be pushed back into the cover and holding tight. We just went to check our spots we caught fish before, and it wasn't that bad, just couldn't find any keepers. Lots of 13-14 inch fish. I decide to tie on a Weightless T-rigged Craw in Bama Bug color and swim it through some of the newly flooded cover and it got us a couple of keeper fish. My buddy was slow-rolling a big spinnerbait through the trees and catches a 4 lber. Ok, we're on something here. We had to find Big Willow trees. We just caught 3 keepers on 2 different willow trees. After that, it was on. With all of the newly flooded, very thick cover, I switch to a 1/2 oz. pegged T-rigged Space Monkey and start punching through the vines and stuff around willows. We started nailing them. We get back to the weigh-in and we weigh in 5 fish at 15.50 lbs. Our club pays 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Day 1 and Day 2 of the tourney, so you could actually win both days or if you have a bad first day like we did, you can redeem it the next day and still win a little money on Day 2. Angler of the year points come from the overall weight of your 2 days of fishing in the tourney, with plaques being awarded to the top 3 in the overall category. Well we have alot of ground to make up to try and catch the leaders for the total weight category for points, and so far we're leading for Day 2. Then the guys who won on Day 1 stepped up and knocked us out with 4 fish at 17.30 lbs. They won both days and overall, but our bag was big enough to jump from 6th on Day 1, to finish 2nd on Day 2 and 2nd overall! Lucky for us the guys ahead of us fell apart and we leap frogged them to finish 2nd overall. Most of our fish came from Bennett's, Lick and Leatherwood creeks.
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