Here it is drawing down to the final week of spring season. Been some highs and some low points to this season. One that keeps comming up is that of the problematic gobbler. You know the one. The one that throws you off your game, the one that gets inside of your head and causes you not to want to kill any other bird save one or in my case two. I have pics of them and am convinced he's 3+ years in age. His buddy is probably a 2 year old perhaps 3. I've encountered them several times this year. Their personality is like that of same sex siblings, quite the opposite of the other. One I refer to as being loud mouthed and quite boisterous, almost to the point of arrogance. The other is very quite, cautious, and deciding. Had it had a military background I'm quite sure it would have been a recon scout. They often travel together, the quiet one always out front leading the way in silence while his buddy stays 10- 20 yards behind gobbling his head off. I like to think of him as the diversionary tactic. While you're focused on the loud mouth the quiet one has slipped in looked things over and left taking his buddy with him in search of an encounter with a less dangerous female.
Their latest, visit the camera in front of my trophy rock in full strut in the middle of the day. I have some awesome pics of two birds who are probably telling me in their own way, "Enjoy the pic's Fatboy, as this is as close as you're ever going to get to putting us on the wall."
Early this year they did make a mistake by following some hens that responded to some light purring and scratching in the leaves. That incident almost got one killed and there's a dead hickory sapling in the woods and I'm sure he has a few copper plated #5's in his breast to show for it. Rookie mistake reinforced on canting the gun. Just 'cause you can't see the sapling in the scope doesn't mean that it's not directly in front of the barrel of your gun. All they need to do is make one more mistake and allow me to be there gun in hand. Either the quiet one or the loud mouth is gonna be a fan and cape on the wall with their spurs joining the others on my necklace.

Count down to May 10th when it will be decided.
Here we go again!!