I think this is the same bird I hunted for 5 hrs straight this morning. He only gobbled twice from the roost then it started raining and he shut up until flying down. He would gobble good then the rain would come and he would shut up, soon as the rain would stop he would crank up and I would move to try and get in front of him. At 10:30 4 Jakes came in behind me and busted me. One flew off and the others just stood there putting till I waved my hands to run em off. I thought my day was over and got up to leave. As I climbed over the hill I heard a gobble behind me about the spot I just left, then another, then another. He gobbled about 40 times in 10 minutes. I thought maybe he saw those jakes and was wanting to find them so I pulled out my gobble box and fired off a pitiful gobble. He ran right to me.

24 lbs 7 oz
10 1/2" beard
1 1/2" right spur
1 3/8" left spur
40 yrd shot
Killed on public land at AEDC