At 12:00 my buddy and I heard a 2 gobblers gobble once or twice. They were a long way down the mountain. at 2:00 we got down there and one of them started to get HOT. One of the hottest gobbling birds i've heard all year. Going up underneath him we got with in 60 yards but he was on top of a bluff. I started yelping he would answer. Then way off in the distance we heard a second bird answer. Now we had 2 birds going at it. That second bird came a long ways away and meet the first bird until he shut up. Neither bird would come to us and they started walking away gobbling every breath!

In all my times turkey hunting i've never had a gobbler take a gobbler away from me. I've had hens to that, but never a gobbler!

Two other times we closed the gap to 100 yards. Never could get a shot. Once time they started fighting and pur fighting. Last time we heard them was around 6:00 That was a long 6 hour hunt and we had to of walked 5 miles or more.

Great hunt good experiance!

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