I knew it was going to storm all day but I was determined to get to hunt in Williamson County atleast once, so I went anyways. I got set up on a bird off the roost and as soon as I sat down the rain unleashed itself. Of course the bird shut up and I scrambled for my rain gear. After the rain let up a little I decided I would go set up in a field that I've had a lot of success over the years in.

About 15 mins after I got set up I heard one hammer a couple hundred yards to my right and then the lightning and rain started coming on hard. The lightning was so close that it was shaking the ground and the rain was so hard that I could only see maybe 60 yards. I just thought to myself, if I was going to die, atleast I was turkey hunting! After two hours of a downpour along with the lightning show I could see a break in the clouds coming towards me. Just as the rain let up I looked over to my right and here came the longbeard at 30 yards heading straight to my decoys. As soon as he cleared pretty boy he committed suicide. It was the worst weather I have ever been stupied/genius enough to sit through but for sure ranks at the top for a hunt that I'll always remember.

21 pounds, 10 inch paint brush, 1.25 spurs

These are my other two birds from opening weekend

Double opening morning with my buddy Shawn. 26 pounds, 10 inch beard, 1 inch spurs

20 pounds, 8.5 inch beard, 1.25 spurs