I was bow hunting the other day and caught a glimpse of the hind end of a yote trotting out of my sight picture. I didn't have any of my coyote calls, so I started doing some turkey yelps, cuts, etc. to no avail. In desperation, I tossed out some kee kee runs. Out of nowhere, a gobbler sounded off at about 250 yards.

I went back to the spring stand-bys, but not a peep. Again, I tried the kee kee, and he gobbled closer. I had that sombeech gobbling at my kee kees for about an hour, but he never got much closer than 100 yards.

Nothing is set in stone with turkeys. Nothing!
It is not the killing ...; it is the contest of skill and cunning. The true hunter counts his achievement in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport.

Dr. Saxton Pope