Back at it again this mornin with fellow Woodpiler Wingnut!! He invited me out to his leased farm out in the rolling hills and we were on birds in a hurry. We sat down about 5:00 sharp and Wingnut hit the ole box call a few licks. Didn't take long for 3 different Toms to fire off! At about 5:30 I saw a bird fly down about 80 yards from us and could tell it was a male bird. Not long after that 2 hens flew down and worked towards us. Wingnut called this bird into range at about 45 yards and I was able to shoot through a fence and through a Y in 2 trees. Thanks Jerry for lettin me take the shot and callin in the bird!! I've killed 2 birds in the last 2 days on places that I have been invited to hunt and have gotten to pull the trigger both times!! I hope I get the chance to repay them both!! Good luck Spit, Day 12 depends on you...
Done at 5:45, 11" beard, 1" spurs, 20lbs 45 yard shot.

"I'm gonna fear God, love my neighbor, and hunt ducks. And we'll let the chips fall where they may"