Me and markII put the pretty boy creep on this tom this morning. We crawled 200 yards and he came right to us. MarkII said see how close he'll come, and he came 6 yards before he knew something was up. I shot and blew his head off, it was bout 5 foot behind him. Mark is holdin his head
maverick88 killed this big tom tuesday morning. Got in the woods at 5:45 and took this bird at 6:00. 20 pounds, 10 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs

MarkII carried Jim from Michigan that had never been turkey hunting. He killed his first turkey wednesday morning behind pretty boy. It was just a jake,But you would have thought he killed a state record. Then Thursday morning he took his first long beard Thanks to pretty boy once again. Jim was on cloud 9... GOOD WORK THIS WEEK MARKII
If you can see em, We can kill em.-MARKII