Got a call from dodgeball last night and he asked if i wanted to hunt in the morning.So we met up about 5 and sat down @ 5:30 had burds gobbling there heads off but it didnt happen. So we met back up this afternoon and set off. Got on one about 3:30 and things just didnt pan out. It was 4:45 at this time and we went to the next spot and had a seat at about 5:30. THEONE calls and says he has some burds pined up, dodgeball and i jump in the truck and head that way. We sit down about 6:00 and let things calm down. He finally got in range. BOOM! Dodgeball has broken the ice.

21 pounds 11 1/4 beard 1 in spurs
' it ain't fair, I gotta WURK!' -Porkchop Jacobs