What a day! Buddy of mine(chick) called me at noon and said 'lets go man'. Left work early and wished for the best. We met and the fight was on. Two grown men cant decide where to go hunting. lol. We finally decided to split up-couldnt agree on a spot. Our spots were 1/2 mile apart. I got on 3 toms and 6 hens in the first 30 min. Burd broke off and walked about 75 yds and closing. He got scared and went to my right, shot him left handed at 35 yds. LUCKY! Hunt took 35min.

Chick(non-member) sat in his favorite spot. Wasnt a burd in 4 counties around him, he thought. Said he made a few calls and nothing. 45 min went by and he heard a gobble. Burd flew across the Duck and landed on a bluff at 4 yds. BOOM! The picture tells the story. Bad thing is he blew the burd off the bluff, had to go get boat and net him.

My burd- 18pds 9 1/2 beard 3/4 spur
Chicks burd(monster) 25pds 10 1/2 beard 1 3/8 spur

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